Looking for qualified teachers?

Our placement team at Laowai Teachers consists of veteran teachers, seasoned travelers and HR professionals who have lived and worked abroad for a number of years. They know and understand first hand the needs of schools and teachers. Our placement team takes time to vet each and every candidate. We are dedicated to finding you the right teachers for your school. We have access to 100s of qualified candidates. Our candidates have the right attitude and are waiting to be placed at your school.

We understand that as an employer you have enough on your plate, as such looking for teachers can be too much work for you to handle. The language may also be an obstacle and a lot of important details can get lost in translation. This is where we come in, we take the burden off your shoulders. As experts in this field we handle everything for you. From preliminary interviews, qualification checks, the right documents, teacher support, we've got you covered.

What we provide

Review of resume

We edit and proof read the resume before we forward it to you. We understand that you are busy,  we only send the most relevant and critical information. We try to keep the resumes short.

Preliminary interviews

Before we even send out resumes to our partner schools we interview the candidates first. We only refer the best and ideal candidate to you.

References, qualification checks and recommendation letters

  We verify the teacher's references and qualifications. This ensures that the candidates we send your way are fully vetted.

Document support

Your company does not need to worry about the complex visa process and all the documents required. We help the teachers with this and walk them through all the documents they will need and how to go about applying for the visa.

Ongoing teacher support

Our teachers enjoy support through out their contracts. A happy employee is a productive one. This approach has proved to be efficient, most our teachers complete their contracts.

Preparing teachers for life abroad

We make sure that our teachers understand what is expected of them. We make sure they understand that it is a job first and foremost.

Talented pool of teachers

We don't compromise on quality. We only work with the best talent. Our teachers range from fresh graduates, seasoned professionals, certified teachers, veteran teachers, whatever your hiring needs.

Requirements for the school

  • Pay competitive wages

  • Be licensed to hire foreign teachers

  • Provide a legal work visa


Our services are tailored to your needs and budget. There are no hidden costs and our fees are competitive and easy to understand.Our prices are determined by your schools specific needs. We do not charge any fees until the teacher begins work at your school. Get a quote today. Email us at info@laowaiteachers.com or complete the contact form to get started. We are looking forward to partnering with your school!

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