How to get started


The first step for prospective teachers is to apply via our website. You do this by filling the form under "apply" and submit it. Once we've received your application, you will receive email notification or a call. We will then ask for your resume. If you meet the requirements, we will set up time for a Skype  interview. 


After the preliminary interview, we will send your resume, cover letter, letters of recommendations to our partner schools. Before we send out your resume we will review all the supporting documents to make sure everything in order. The school might request another interview or a video.

Accept & Start work

Once we have received confirmation from the school, we will let you know. We will forward you the contract or offer. We will be your mediator and we will act to protect your interests at all times. Once you have scrutinized and you're happy with the offer you can sign the contract. You sign the contract with the school not with us. We will walk you through the documents you need and the entire visa process. Disclaimer, we do not deduct any fees from your salary we make a fee from the schools we partner with. 

Basic requirements

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree

  • Clean criminal background

  • TEFL certification

  • Passport holder from U.K, U.S.A, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada or South Africa (This is due to visa requirements)


If you meet all the above requirements please get in touch with us today. We will do our best to help you find your ideal job.