Filling out the Chinese embassy authentication form: a step by step guide

Filling out the Chinese embassy authentication form

Filling out a form might seem like an easy task to many.  As an agent I get this question a lot, “ how do I fill the Chinese embassy authentication form?” , “Do you have an example?” . Yes, it’s easy but I suppose clients want to make sure that they fill it in correctly. I don’t blame them. The Chinese embassy in my city is particular about how the form should be filled. Here is a step by step guide on how to fill the form. I hope this helps.

Follow the instructions provided on the form to a T:

  1. Type in capital English letters in the space provided

  2.   Or tick √ the relevant box to select

  3. Fill in the form completely, truth fully and clearly


The form consists of 8 sections

Section 1: personal information

This section is pretty straightforward so I will touch on a few points.

Name - write your full names as they appear on your ID or passport

Date of birth - write it in this order 1987-08-21

Occupation- if you are employed write your job title. If you are not employed write unemployed.

Type of ID - For South Africans you write either SA passport or SA ID.

Number of ID – this your 13 digit ID number NOT your passport number. Your passport has both your ID number and passport number. Please write the 13 digit ID number

Name of employer – write the name of your school/work IF you are employed. If you are not employed leave it blank.

Address of employer/school – write the address of your school/work if you are employed. If you are not employed lave it blank

Home address – write your home address, if you are using the Pretoria embassy you must have a Pretoria address or an address of a province that does not have a Chinese consulate/embassy. For instance a Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West address is acceptable because they do not have Chinese consulates in their provinces. The Johannesburg consulate follows the same procedure.  

If your form has a Western Cape or KwaZulu Natal address the Chinese embassy/consulate in Pretoria and Johannesburg will not take your documents. If you are abroad write your address abroad. 

chinese embassy authention form-converted_page-0001.jpg

Section 2:

This section does not apply to individuals so you just leave it blank.

Section 3: matters by the notarial deeds or other certificates

On this section you tick the boxes for the documents that you are having authenticated. If you are authenticating a birth certificate you tick the box before birth certificate.

Certificate of non-criminal check record ­­– police clearance certificate

Diploma – degree certificate

Other – maybe TEFL or SACE certificate or any other certificate that is not listed. On the blank space provide you write TEFL certificate if it is a TEFL certificate


Section 4: Purpose & Destination of Legalization

Why are you having this document authenticated? Do you want to get married in China? Or for business or a visa? You choose the reason applicable to your situation. 99% of the time I work with teachers so their purpose is visa.

Destination of legalization- name of the city in China where you intend to work or use the authenticated document


Section 5: supporting documents and copies of legalization

Supporting documents – SA ID or SA passport, if you are a South African citizen

Section 6: Processing time

Choosing the service you are opting for

Regular service is free of charge and takes 4  working days (Pretoria/ Johannesburg)

Express service is R300 per document and takes 2 working days. This option is available at the Chinese consulate in Johannesburg ONLY


Section 7: Agent

If an agent/family member or a friend is submitting on your behalf they will fill in their information here


Section 8: Declaration of the applicant/agent

The applicant has to sign and write the date

If you are using an agent or friend they have to sign next to signature of agent and write the date

chinese embassy authention form-converted_page-0002.jpg

I have created a downloadables section where you can find forms like this one. This is a free service to all South African citizens. Non- South Africans pay R300 per document. Please make copies of your ID or passport and copies of all the documents you need authenticated. Make copies of the whole booklet as you received it from DIRCO. The embassy/consulate close at 11:20 am so please be on time.

I hope this guide will come in handy. I would love to hear from you, did you find the guide to be helpful? Please leave comments on the comment section below