Downloadables for China

Because we work with all things China, we decided it would be great to have all forms/downloadables in one place. Click on the download button to download the forms

  1. Chinese Embassy Authentication form

    When you are submitting your documents at the Chinese embassy/consulate for authentications, you are required to submit this form. You can do this yourself, through an agency or a friend or family member. Please check our blog post on how to fill it out.

2. Medical Check Form

You will need for your work permit application. Please print out the form and take it to your GP. In most cases a medical certificate does not need to be authenticated. When you get to China you still have to do another medical check.

3. Visa Application form

This form is all China visa applications. Make sure to check the supporting documents for the type of visa you’re applying for

4. China Invitation Letter Template

If you plan on visiting China or you plan on inviting someone here is a template. I find the template to be very easy and straightforward. You can also write your invitation letter. Make sure to check the rest of the supporting documents for type of visa