Notary services

We also offer notary and attestation services for South African documents.This service is only for South Africans and those who hold academic qualifications from South Africa. We are based strategically based in Pretoria which happens to be the administrative capital of the Republic of South Africa. All strategic departments for the processing of documents are headquartered here.Pretoria is also home to hundreds of embassies/consulates and it is the official seat of the South African government. We understand that trying to navigate the city may be an onerous task to undertake. We are here to make the process as smooth as possible. Whether you’re a South African abroad or you can’t reach the capital, we are at your service.

We offer the following services:

  • Apostille of documents, degrees, police clearances, TEFL etc.

    ( countries who are signatories to the hague convention)

  • Certificates of authentication,degrees, police clearances, TEFL etc

    (countries who are not signatories to the hague convention)

  • Embassy authentication, degrees, police clearances, TEFL etc

  • Police clearance applications

  • Marriage and birth certificate applications

  • Visa applications

  • Death certificate

  • Letter of non-impediments

  • Matric Re-issues

    For other document enquiries please email us, , meetings are by appointment




Our Office

Brooklyn Bridge Office Park,Brooklyn Bridge 3rd floor,Building 2,570 Fehrsen Street,Pretoria,0181
South Africa

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