Police Clearance Certificates

Police Clearance Certificates

We can apply for police clearance certificates on your behalf, whether you’re in S.A or abroad.

Where can I take my fingerprints?

If you happen to live abroad,  you can go to your nearest SA embassy to take your fingerprints. You will need to bring along a copy of your ID/passport. This service is free, you may need to call to make an appointment. In some countries you can also take your fingerprints at the local police station or at a local notary office.

For locals the police might refuse to handover the fingerprints, they are within their rights. However, if you plead with them and explain the urgency they might hand them over. You can also try a different police station. If that fails, get in touch with us we will advise.

What do I do after obtaining my fingerprints?

Once you have your fingerprints. You will need to courier them to us accompanied by your ID or passport copy. Once we have received your documents, we will apply at the Criminal Record Centre the next working day. We will return the document once the police clearance certificate is ready.

We will need:

1.     Original fingerprints

2.     2 copies of your ID or passport

We offer two options, normal and urgent applications. Prices vary.

Normal applications

 1. Police clearance application - 4~5 weeks (the delays are due to the backlog at the Criminal Record Centre)

 2. DIRCO- 2 working days

Urgent applications

1. Police clearance application – 5~7  working days

 2. DIRCO- 2 working days

If there are any delays and changes we will inform you. For a quote please email docs@laowaiteachers.com

We are aware of the changes at SAPS,we are still permitted to apply on behalf of clients.